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PFAH(ENS) 000 (SAMPLE) Task-based teaching of English in China's Mainland : a case study of four "master" teachers
Chen, Pei Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2008. Master
PFAH(H) 000 (SAMPLE) Mao's samurai : from the captured Japanese soldiers, immigrants and war criminals to the fighters for the Chinese Communist cause
Li, Jin Wei, C. X., George 2019. Doctoral
PFAH(LING-C) 000 (SAMPLE) 言語社區與語言社區類型硏究 : 數據庫交叉分析視角
張韻 徐大明 2019. Doctoral
PFAH(LING-E) 000 (SAMPLE) A corpus approach to assessing college students' development of intercultural communicative competence in a college English course in mainland China
Liu, Sui Ling Corbett John 2017. Doctoral
PFAH(LING-P) 000 (SAMPLE) Reparo como estratégia cooperativa na interação em sala de aula = Repair as cooperative strategy in classroom interaction
顏巧容 Silva, Roberval Teixeira e 2019. Doctoral
PFAH(LIT-C) 000 (SAMPLE) "毛詩正義" 詩學思想研究
何潔瑩 鄧國光 2019. Doctoral
PFAH(LIT-E) 000 (SAMPLE)The late eighteenth-century confluence of British-German sentimental literature: Goethe's absorption of Mackenzie's The Man of Feeling, and Jane Austen's parody of Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen Werthers as case studies
Jiang, Xiao Hu Gibson Matthew 2018. Doctoral
PFAH(LIT-P) 000 (SAMPLE) Esquema teórico sustentável da tradução jurídica bilíngue baseado num estudo sobre a tradução da legislação da acção social da região administrativa especial de Macau = Sustainable theoretical framework of bilingual legal translation based on a study on the translation of social welfare legislation of Macao special administrative region
Lu, Chi Seng Espadinha, Maria Antónia 2018. Doctoral
PFAH(PRS) 000 (SAMPLE) Practices of cultivation in the Zhuangzi
Le Jeune, Nicolas Moeller Hans-Georg 2019. Doctoral
PFBA(A) 000 (SAMPLE) The impact of social capital on accounting comparability / the impact of CEO overconfidence on the cost of equity capital
Lam, Mo Yuen Chun Yip 2019. Doctoral

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