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漢代碑銘中的人物研究 check Full Text
楊笑菡 鄧駿捷 2018. Doctoral
漢德語"前後/內外"空間方向選擇及其認知動因對比 = A contrast of cognitive styles underlying spatial orientation "front-back/inside-outside" between Chinese and German check Full Text
鍾琦 陳忠 2023. Master
漢苗程度結構的對比研究 check Full Text
吳芳 劉鴻勇 2023. Doctoral
漢日被動句比較 : 以 "挪威的森林" 為例 = A comparative study of passive sentences between Chinese and Japanese : take Norwegian Wood as an example check Full Text
陳秀芝 王銘宇 2013. Master
漢日被動句的認知語義對比研究 check Full Text
陳潔羽 陳訪澤 2017. Doctoral
漢日分裂句對比研究 check Full Text
張秀娟 陳訪澤 2015. Doctoral
漢日特指反問句對比研究 check Full Text
吳婉 陳訪澤 2022. Doctoral
漢日心理動詞構式對比研究 check Full Text
鄒奇鳳 陳訪澤 2018. Doctoral
漢彞程度結構對比分析 check Full Text
卜維美 劉鴻勇 2021. Doctoral
漢語 "居住" 義動詞的共時分佈與歷時演變 = Synchronic distribution and diachronic development of verbs encoding "live" in Chinese check Full Text
馬嘉慧 徐宇航 2021. Master
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