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論 "高中教育階段中文基本學力要求" 的實踐 : 一所澳門中學的個案研究 check Full Text
鄧旻 鄭振偉 2019. Master
論 "買賣型擔保" 的法律性質及效力 = On the legal nature and effectiveness of "trading guarantee" check Full Text
吳雲輝 稅兵 2017. Master
論 "牡丹亭" 中的女性群像 = An analysis of the female characters in the Peony Pavilion check Full Text
雷淑華 鄧駿捷 2016. Master
論 "香港基本法" 法律解釋方法的綜合運用 : 以 "雙非" 問題為視角 = Comprehensive use of legal interpretation methods of "Hong Kong Basic Law" : from the perspective of the issue of "mainland mothers coming to give birth in Hong Kong" check Full Text
王錦儀 駱偉建 2016. Master
論 "新浪潮" 與科幻小說的冷戰傳統 = A study of New Wave SF and the cold war check Full Text
劉帆 龔剛 2020. Master
論 TRIPS 協定對商業秘密之保護在澳門的落實 = A study of the implementation of protection for trade secrets uder the TRIPS agreement in Macau check Full Text
梁曉欣 汪超 2015. Master
論"美麗街"與澳門文化氣質 : 澳門副刊文學研究 = A discussion of "Macao Daily.The Beautiful Street" and the Macao culture quality : Macao supplement literature studies
Lyu, Pin 龔剛 2007. Master
陳碧霞 1988. Master
論澳門 "非法提供住宿" 刑事化的可行性 = Feasibility of criminalization "prohibition of providing illegal accommodation" in Macau check Full Text
梁美詩 蘇建峰 2019. Master
論澳門 "商法典" 述之不正當競爭條款 = A study on the articles of unfair competition in the "Macau Commercial Code" check Full Text
莫綺玲 范劍虹 2016. Master
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