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Validity of arbitration agreement under the context of New York convention : a critical examination of China's practice check Full Text
Yin, Qing Si 涂廣建 2014. Master
Valuation of American put option using Least-Square quasi-Monte Carlo Methods check Full Text
Cheong, Kuan Po Ding, Deng 2013. Master
Value versus growth : new evidence from Chinese stock market check Full Text
Cheuk, Fan Qiao, Zhuo 2015. Master
Value-at-risk, stress tests and stable paretian distribution : the implementation for bank capital check Full Text
U, Sio Chong So, Yuk Chow 2016. Doctoral
Values and attitudes of teens in Macau toward green consumption : a marketing approach
Vong, Man Hung 1998. Master
Values and ethical decision making : a comparison of the government and gaming sectors in Macau
U, Ka Ka Chan, Ka Wai 2009. Master
Vanadium-based nanostructures as high-performance catalysts for water electrolysis check Full Text
Yang, Ming Yang Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral
Variable selection in data envelopment analysis check Full Text
Deng, Qiang Lian, Zhao Tong 2019. Doctoral
Variable selection with the square root loss function based on Kernel methods check Full Text
Yu, Jin Jin Xu, Li Hu 2021. Master
Variables affecting CDS spreads of financial institutions check Full Text
Kou, Chon Hong 2013. Master
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