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Baccarat game playing strategies analysis check Full Text
Leung, Kar Wai Fong, Chi Chiu 2016. Master
Back analysis of undrained shear strength increment and settlement of a soil improvement project in Macau using PLAXIS check Full Text
Chen, Yue Lok, Man Hoi 2017. Master
Backward stochastic differential equations and option pricing
Leng, Weng San Ding, Deng 2003. Master
Balancing or bandwagoning : a quasi-civilian Myanmar in midst of China and U.S.A. check Full Text
Wang, Li Xing Wang Jianwei 2013. Master
Balancing the protection of international investments and environment : the scope and limitations of international legal regime check Full Text
Peng, Li Jie Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2017. Master
Bank competition and market structure in Macau check Full Text
Ng, Chi Meng Fu, Xiao Qing 2014. Master
Bank competition, efficiency, and liquidity creation in Asia Pacific check Full Text
Lin, Yong Jia Fu, Xiao Qing 2014. Doctoral
Bank liquidity creation and performance in China
Song, Zhuo Yun 2011. Master
Banking cost efficiency in China : an ownership and time series comparision check Full Text
Zhang, Qing Liu, Ming Hua 2011. Master
Banking efficiency and productivity growth in Hong Kong and Macau
Vong, Iek Lam Fu, Xiao Qing 2010. Master
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