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楊春華 唐曉晴 2011. Master
不能犯未遂若干問題研究 = The research on intractable issues of attempted crime due to impossibility in the perspective of criminal law check Full Text
祝田 趙國強 2017. Master
不能夠終止的超越 : 論張煒小說創作中的救贖主題 = The infinite surpassing : a study on the theme of salvation in Zhang Wei's novels check Full Text
王銳敏 朱壽桐 2012. Master
徐麗儀 吳梅君 2008. Master
不同產地何首烏水提物的化學成分研究 check Full Text
韓東岐 李紹平 2011. Master
不同低氧環境下的高強度間歇運動對男性運動愛好者運動後能量代謝的影響 check Full Text
陳文瀚 孔兆偉 2021. Master
高慧嫻 施達明 2007. Master
不同句法位置對"像X一樣"結構選擇限制研究 = Constraints of syntactic position on the choice of "xiàng X yí yàng" structure check Full Text
蘭瑾 陳忠 2022. Master
不同粒徑薑黃素納米混懸液的體外抗腫瘤活性、細胞攝取及大鼠體內藥動學研究 / Particle size effect of curcumin nanosuspensions on the in-vitro anticancer activity, cellular uptake and in-vivo pharmacokinetics / Bi Chao. check Full Text
畢超 Zheng, Ying 2013. Master
不同粒徑熊果酸納米混懸液的製備、表徵和體外抗腫瘤活性評價 / Formulation development of Ursolic acid nanosuspensions with different particle sizes and in-vitro anti-cancer activity evaluations / Song Ju. check Full Text
宋菊 Zheng, Ying 2013. Master
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