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U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy : offshore balancing toward the rise of China / check Full Text
Yuen, Chun Chau Song Weiqing 2020. Master
The U.S. intrusion in the Taiwan strait conflict : the enduring obstacle to China's unification course /
Xia Meng Yi You, Ji, 1955- 2019 Master
U.S.-China cooperation in global governance : take climate change as an example / check Full Text
Lang, Meng Yi Wang Jianwei 2019. Master
UGC and PGC influences on consumer buying behavior : a case study of the application "Xiaohongshu, RED" / check Full Text
Cheong, San San Li, Xiao Qin 2020. Master
UHF RFID tag array communication and its application to motion monitoring / check Full Text
Wong, Si Man Tam, Kam Weng 2020. Master
Ukraine's diplomacy :complex interdependence and balancing acts between Russia and the EU check Full Text
Liao, Ying Wang, Jianwei 2016 Master
ulterior goal behind DeProfundis check Full Text
Nogueira, Celina da Conceição Wong, Ka Ki 2014 Master
ultra-low power acquisition frontend for neural recording check Full Text
Wu, Jiang Chao, Law, Man Kay 2014 Master
Ultra-low voltage 8-phase bootstrap ring-VCO using inherent non-overlapping clocks /
Jiang Tong Quan Yin, Jun 2018 Master
Ultra-low-power and ultra-low-cost short-range wireless receivers in nanoscale CMOS /
Lin Zhi Cheng Mak, Pui-in 2014 Doctoral

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