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試構建澳門刑事新型強制措施 : 以刑事監視居住的制度出發 = On the construction of a new type of criminal mandatory measure in Macao- based on criminal residential surveillance system check Full Text
陳瑞文 鄭成昌 2017. Master
試論 "史記·列傳" 中太史公話語的體現 = A research of Sima Qian's discourse in biographies (Liezhuan)of Shi Ji check Full Text
簡家偉 鄧國光 2013. Master
試論澳門刑事訴訟程序中之缺席審判制度 = A study on the system of trial in absentia in Macao criminal procedure check Full Text
鍾淑芳 李哲 2016. Master
試論浮動抵押與其他擔保權利的受償順序 = The priority of floating charge and other types of security interest
何夢菲 唐曉晴 2010. Master
試論港澳公立大學與特區政府關係之比較研究 check Full Text
亓偉力 周憶粟 2017. Master
吳曉贇 劉建軍 2004. Master
試論我國代孕子女監護權的歸屬 : 以我國首例代孕子女監護權糾紛案件為例 check Full Text
孟歌 稅兵 2020. Master
試論蕭紅抒情書寫與時代主潮的二律背反 = On the antinomy of Xiao Hong's lyrical writing and the main trend after May Fourth Movement check Full Text
張石 龔剛 2015. Master
試論信息中介參與互聯網治理的權力依據 = The basis power for information intermediary to participate in Internet governance check Full Text
李冬 翟小波 2019. Master
試論醫方的告知說明義務 = Talk about the obligations to inform the patients
溫靜 唐曉晴 2009. Master
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