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"& listen for my cluted breath" : silence and shame in Ocean Vuong's Night Sky with Exit Wounds / check Full Text
Lin, Jun De Chavez, Jeremy 2021. Master
"5E"教學模式應用於初一地理教學之成效 : 以人教版七上的「地形圖的判讀」及「人口」單元為例 / check Full Text
趙彩欣 施達明 2022. Master
"澳門記略"反映的澳門土生葡語面貌 = The facet of Portuguese dialect of Macau in "The Monograph of Macau" / check Full Text
胡慧明 程祥徽 2000. Master
"滄浪詩話" '五法' 義研究 = A study of the meaning of "wufa" in Yan Yu's Canglang shihua / check Full Text
Chen, Guo-Ming 鄧國光 2009. Doctoral
"城中村" 改造模式的選擇 / check Full Text
李瑾 李桃 2014. Master
"楚辭·九歌" 與中原文化關係蠡測 = A primary enquiry to the relationship between the Nine Songs of Chuci and the Central region's culture / check Full Text
侯永振 屈原 2012. Master
"春秋繁露" 與菫學淵源研究 / check Full Text
林澤春 楊義 2021. Doctoral
"大宅門" 研究 = Research of "The Grand Mansion Gate" / check Full Text
任昕璐 鄧駿捷 2019. Master
"弟子規" 融入品德教育之行動研究 : 以孝道與自律為核心 / check Full Text
黃偉健 宋明娟 2021. Master
"對賭協議" 的效力探析 : 從 "海富案" 展開 = The exploration of validity of the valuation adjustment mechanism : unfolding from the "case of HaiFu" / check Full Text
張贇傑 唐曉晴 2017. Master

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