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被害人參與公訴案件研究 :以我國的被害人參與為中心 = Research on the right of the criminal victim to participate in cases of public prosecution : centered on victim's participation in China check Full Text
朱文龍 李哲 2015 Master
被害人的權利保障若干問題研究 : 以澳門法律為視角 = Issues on the protection of victims' rights from the perspective of Macau law / check Full Text
林楠曦 李哲 2020. Master
被害人自陷風險相關問題研究 = Research on the problem related to self-insurance risk of the aggrieved party /
倪先鏵 趙國強, 1950- 2017 Master
被遺忘權在中國法下的定位與構建 = The position and construction of the right to be forgotten in the Chinese law system /
劉根固 稅兵 2019 Master