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現代城市的"希望工程" : 對建立民工子女教育管理機制的研究 / check Full Text
李松林 劉曄 2004. Master
現代漢語動詞短語省略結構的允准層級 = Licensing hierarchy of Mandarin VP-Ellipsis / check Full Text
唐寬 徐杰 2018. Master
現代漢語動詞性空語類研究 = A study on verbal empty category in modern Chinese / check Full Text
溫涵 徐杰 2015. Master
現代漢語類詞綴 "-式" 的來源及其演變過程 = Origin and evolution of the quasi-affix "-Shi" in modern Chinese / check Full Text
鄭淳 王銘宇 2021. Master
現代漢語臨時名量詞借用機制與分類研究 = Cross-use mechanism and categorization rationale : an analysis of temporary nominal classifiers in modern Chinese / check Full Text
舒昊 陳忠 2022. Master
現代漢語日源類詞綴研究 = A study of Japanese-borrowed semi-affixes in modern Chinese / check Full Text
李菲 王銘宇 2019. Master
現代漢語詩歌作品對虛詞語法規則的突破及其限度 / check Full Text
劉穎 徐杰 2016. Doctoral
現代漢語通感現象研究 = A study of synaesthesia in Mandarin / check Full Text
何昕焱 王珊 2022. Master
現代漢語新詩文體中程度副詞的創新用法 = New grammatical functions and features of some degree adverbs in modern Chinese poems / check Full Text
陳濤 徐杰 2015. Master
現代漢語周遍性表達研究 = The research on the expression of all-round in Mandarin Chinese / check Full Text
崔蕊 郭銳 2004. Master

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