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L1-regression of a truncated estimator of the mean and a stable approximation check Full Text
Li, Xiang Xu, Li Hu 2020. Master
Label-free optical metabolic imaging of adipose tissues reveals potential for prediabetes diagnosis
Chen, Li Ping Liu, Tzu-Ming 2023. Doctoral
Labor market discrimination against imported labor in Macau
U, U Kwan Zheng, Ming Li 2008. Master
Labor migration in Macau : ideology and policy check Full Text
Wong, Chon Hang Kerswell, Timothy 2016. Master
Labor reallocation, migration and productivity growth in China check Full Text
Zhuo, Shuai He Mirrlees James A. 2016. Doctoral
Laboratory and numerical investigation on the slurry infiltration in granular media considering viscosity effects check Full Text
Lu, Zhao Zhou, Wan Huan 2022. Doctoral
Laboratory evaluation and neural network modeling of treated Macau marine clay and glass cullet mixture check Full Text
Wang, Yuan Hang Lok, Man Hoi 2019. Master
Laboratory investigation of an automated solution alkalinity measurement method and its application of water samples collected from Macau check Full Text
Huang, Si Yuan Zhang, Ping 2020. Master
Laboratory study of shear wave velocity and very small stain modulus of Macao marine clay under anisotropic stress condition
Hao, Gang Lok, Man Hoi 2008. Master
Laboratory study of soil-structure interface with different roughness and GSDs check Full Text
Jie, Xi Xi Zhou, Wan Huan 2017. Master
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