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Labor migration in Macau : ideology and policy

English Abstract

The purpose of this thesis is to by discussing the rapid economic development in Macau after the transfer of sovereignty, especially after year 2002, to identify the current Macau’s economic problems and migration policy are geared toward continuous economic expansion. By taking into different aspects, including the history of labor migration together with the current labor migration situation in Macau, to identify that this is the result of an ideology of growth and is therefore a political issue rather than a technical issue. The migration policy itself also subject to the economic growth, and there are three political actors who support Macau to seek for continuous growth, including the Chinese Central government, the Macau government and the Casino industry who act together in collusion and whose interests coincide. By stating the ideological nature of this policy “problem”, this thesis will also provide a solution by using alternatives approaches and demonstrating how these approaches change the way we understand migration policy in Macau. This will also allow for more individual consideration and may direct future research on these two alternatives application.

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Wong, Chon Hang


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Government and Public Administration




Foreign workers -- Macau

Foreign workers -- Government policy -- Macau


Kerswell, Timothy

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