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Qualitative research on sociocultural adaptation and psychological adjustment of Macau overseas returned students / check Full Text
Lam, Sin Teng 林建榮 2018. Master
Qualitative analysis of polysaccharides from natural Cordyceps sinensis / check Full Text
Guan, Jia 李紹平 2011. Doctoral
Qualitative and quantitative studies on nucleotides of Ganoderma by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS / check Full Text
Gao, Jian Li Yu, Zhi Ling 2005. Master
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fatty acids and their derivatives by combining chemical derivatization strategy and mass spectrometry / check Full Text
Xia, Fang Bo 萬建波 2021. Doctoral
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of flavonoids in Epimedium / check Full Text
Chen, Xiao Jia 李紹平 2007. Master
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of natural and cultured Cordyceps using high performance thin layer chromatography / check Full Text
Leong, Nga I 李紹平 2012. Master
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile components in Curcuma longa based on virtual (digital) chemical standards / check Full Text
Aoli, Mei Jun 李紹平 2013. Master
Quality consistency assessment for the multi-originated Chinese herb Bupleuri Radix /
Zhao, Ming Ming Yu, Hua 2023. Doctoral
Quality control of polysaccharides from Chinese medicines based on immunomodulatory activity / check Full Text
Meng, Lan Zhen 李紹平 2014. Doctoral
Quality dimensions in office software tools : a study in Chinese context / check Full Text
Liu, Yu Ling Wan, Guohua 2005. Master

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