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歐盟反欺詐策略考察及其對重構中國廉政體系的啟示 / check Full Text
盧培偉 李哲 2020. Doctoral
歐盟消費者 ODR 制度研究 : 以跨境 B2C 糾紛解決為視角 = A research for European Union consumer ODR system : the perspective of dispute resolution for cross-border B2C / check Full Text
陳浩理 汪超 2015. Master
歐盟植物藥標準及其對中國植物藥出口的影響 /
祁悅 卞鷹 2008. Master
歐陽修散文風格研究 : 茅坤 "唐宋八大家文鈔" 本色義案說 = A Study of Ouyang Xiu's prose style : case study in the theory of true quality in the selected works by the eight great writers of the Tang and Song Dynasties by Mao Kun / check Full Text
謝嘉茵 鄧國光 2014. Master
歐陽子文學批評研究 = Research of literary criticism of Ao Ieong Chi /
梁婉清 鄧國光 2004. Master