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A 2D to 3D image automatic conversion method based on multi-stage feature pyramid stereo network and depth-image-based-rendering/ check Full Text
Pan, Bai Yu 張立明 2021. Doctoral
A 5mW 7b 2.4GS/s 1-then-2b/cycle SAR ADC with background offset calibration / check Full Text
Ho, Iok Meng Zhu, Yan 2018. Master
A 60GHz frequency generator based on a 20GHz oscillator and 3rd-harmonic extraction technique / check Full Text
Luo, Ji Nan Yin, Jun 2018. Master
A battle for supremacy between the European Union and member states : the authority transferred in gas trade with Russian Federation / check Full Text
Yao, Fang Yuan Houweling, Henk 2017. Master
A bio-responsive, dual-level targeting drug delivery system for cancer immunotherapy / check Full Text
Wang, Yu 王春明 2016. Master
A bioinformatics-driven study of Candida glabrata response to infection-relevant conditions and antifungal drugs / check Full Text
Sethiya, Pooja Prakashchandra Wong, Koon Ho 2021. Doctoral
A business case study on the Cirque du Soleil, ZAIA in Macau : standardization approach or not? / check Full Text
Lai, Kin Peng Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea 2011. Master
A capacitive-coupling grid-connected inverter with adaptive dc-link voltage control / check Full Text
Zheng, Chen Pei Wong, Man Chung 2015. Master
A Case Study : The implementation of financial shared service center in Haier Group / check Full Text
Wu, Si Rong Yuen Chun Yip 2017. Master
A case study of building energy retrofit with China Green Building Label (Macau version) / check Full Text
Leong, Un Lok Wong, Seng Fat 2020. Master

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