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"西蜀方言" 的親屬稱謂語研究 =A Study on the Kinship terms in Western Mandarin check Full Text
方雅琴 王銘宇 2018 Master
西安話詞的連讀變調及詞庫構成 =Lexical tone sandhi and the lexical organization of Xi'an dialect check Full Text
劉洋 許德寶, 1950- 2017 Master
西班牙多明我會進入中國的傳播策略以及澳門在其中的角色 (1587-1619) = The communication strategy of the Spanish Dominicans when enter China and the role of Macau (1587-1619) / check Full Text
朱蝶飛 林玉鳳 2021. Master
西部某市2005-2010年無償獻血情況分析 check Full Text
尹恒 卞鷹 2011 Master
西漢呂后研究 = A study on the empress dowager Lu in Former Han dynasty check Full Text
周灔燊 鄧駿捷 2017 Master