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我國 P2P 網絡借貸的刑法規制問題研究 = Research on criminal regulation of P2P lending in China check Full Text
董錚 趙國強 2017. Master
我國 P2P 網絡借貸投資者權益保護研究 = Research on investor protection of P2P lending in China check Full Text
劉家良 王薇 2017. Master
鄭陳業 王一濤 2004 Master
我國不可量物侵入中容忍義務的限度判斷研究 = Study on the limit of tolerance obligation in immeasaurable objects invasion of China check Full Text
李點點 范劍虹 2017. Master
秦鋒 卞鷹 2006. Master
我國懲治恐怖活動犯罪的立法完善和防控策略 = Legislative perfection and countermeasures of terrorist crimes check Full Text
郭楠楠 趙國強 2017. Master
我國大陸職務犯罪的自然人主體研究 = On the subject of the duty crime of nature person check Full Text
謝徽 趙國強 2015. Master
我國單位犯罪刑事責任機制研究 check Full Text
楊慧 趙國強 2018. Doctoral
我國對外貿易中的技術性貿易措施 : 以中醫藥出口遭遇的技術性貿易措施為例 = The technical measures to trade in international trade : especially on the export of traditional Chinese medicine
熊暢 魏丹 2012. Master
我國房產稅改革的立法合法性研究 = Research on the legality of the renovated of the real estate taxes in China check Full Text
盧頌馨 范劍虹 2014. Master
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