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Perspective on computer crime in Macau : Internet hacking

English Abstract

Based on the rapid social change and development of high-technology, Internet becomes a platform for communication and share information amongst people, at the same time, there has been an increase in the number of computer crimes derived from Internet. For this study, it focuses on an important and particular type of computer crimes in Macau- Internet hacking. As Macau lacks of the relevant studies and theories to investigate Internet hacking problem, this thesis will use qualitative method (comprising interview six hackers and four law-enforcement officers) and combine two Western theories (operant conditioning theory and social learning theory) to examine the following problems in Macau: the characteristics (comprising hacker’s age and gender) of Internet hacking, the typologies of Internet hacking, the motivations for hackers, the differences between Macau and Western countries Internet hacking problem. Besides, the influence of ‘Anti-computer Crime Law’, the relationship between parents and hackers, and the relationship between gambling industry and Internet hacking are also will be discussed. Lastly, this study will offer some suggestions for Internet users and government.

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Kong, Cheng Ian


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities




Computer crimes -- Macau

Computer networks -- Macau

Computer security -- Macau

Internet -- Security measures -- Macau


Kuo, ShihYa

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