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Perspectives of casino staff on anti-money laundering in Macau

English Abstract

Famous for its gambling industry, Macau is subject to all kinds of casino-related crimes, especial money laundering that disguises the unlawful incomes from criminal activities which cause great economic and social harms to the society. Compared with other research that focus on the money laundering in gambling industry, this thesis pays more attention to the casino staffs' perspectives to assess the whole anti-money laundering system in Macau casinos, as the frontline staff has a working procedure that detects suspicious money laundering in gambling industry and they know the loopholes or weaknesses in the whole anti-money laundering system in casinos. This research interviewed ten frontline staffs from different casinos and departments to assess the effect of anti-money laundering training in Macau casinos. It furthermore collected the frontline staffs’ opinions about potential risks of money laundering in casino, such as the anonymous gamblers in VIP clubs, phone betting behavior in casino, collusion with casino staffs and certain kind of new slot machine that may increase the risk of money laundering in casinos. Government and casino management could then get comprehensive information from the frontline staff in designing new anti-money laundering policies and carrying out selfassessment of the existing anti-money laundering system.

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Wu, Qian Huai


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Sociology




Money laundering -- Macau

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