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How do media frame "the others" : studying the news of mainland Chinese pregnant women giving birth in Hong Kong, from 2001 to 2012 check Full Text
Cai, Yuan Hui Chen, Huai Lin 2014. Master
How do micro & small enterprises start and grow their businesses through social media : a few case studies in South China check Full Text
Wang, Ping 2017. Master
How do supervision and autonomy affect subcontracors' commitment? : the moderating roles of distributive justice and the flexibility norm check Full Text
Zhang, Jie Chen, Xiao Yun 2015. Master
How do top management team faultlines affect overseas expansion of emerging market firms? : evidence from new media industry in China check Full Text
Fan, Ning Wu, Jie 2013. Master
How does a family enterprise outstand in gaming industry : managerial and accounting analysis of Galaxy entertainment group check Full Text
Wen, Si Yu Yuen Chun Yip 2017. Master
How does business group affiliation affect firm performance? : an empirical study in China
Yan, Shuang Shuang Li, Guo Qiang 2008. Master
How does FDI affect the environment in China : evidence from provincial panel data
Ju, Jing Chen, Yu 2010. Master
How does government ownership affect the financially distressed firms in China? check Full Text
Liu, Ying Tam, Hon Keung 2013. Master
How does GREE maintain excellence in a competitive market? : financial analysis of GREE check Full Text
Yu, Meng Han Yuen Chun Yip 2017. Master
How does historical firm performance influence the market's confidence in analysts' predictions check Full Text
Gong, Jian 何順文 2015. Doctoral
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