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論道家精神在余華小說中的顯現 : 以"活著"為個案 = Taoism and contemporary Chinese author Yu Hua's fictions : based on the case of "To live" check Full Text
李昂 龔剛 2009 Master
論地方政府在城市基礎設施管理中的職能轉換和體制創新 : 以上海市城市道路地下空間資源管理為例 check Full Text
譚曉文 邱柏生 2006 Master
論敵意收購的法律規制 : 從保護公司創始人利益角度出發 = The study on the legal regulation of hostile takeover : from the view of protecting the interests of the company founders /
羅東耀 稅兵 2017 Master
論第 7/2013 號法律 (俗稱 "樓花法" ) 產生的若干問題 /
梁采怡 蘇建峰, 教授 2019 Master
論第三人侵害債權 = Discussion about damage of credit committed by third party /
鍾小瑜 唐曉晴, 1972- 2010 Master
論電影的文學性與 1980 年代中國電影轉型 / check Full Text
王小波 朱壽桐 2020. Doctoral
論電子化一般合同條款的控制模式 = A study about control modes of general contract clauses in the E-contract check Full Text
戎奇 魏丹 2012 Master
論電子商務稅收徵管 =The research of e-business taxation check Full Text
夏菲 稅兵 2016 Master
論電子仲裁協議的形式和效力 = The form and effectiveness of electronic arbitration agreement /
蔣瀟禕 范劍虹, 1958- 2017 Master
論動結式與使動用法的關系 : 從使動用法到動結式的演變軌迹 = The relationship between verbal complement construction and the use of causative : the evolving footprint from the use of causative to verbal complement construction check Full Text
傅京 張聯榮 2006 Master

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