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"花間集" 與前後蜀政治及文化研究 check Full Text
李博昊 鄧駿捷, 1972- 2016 Doctoral
"華威先生" 的文學社會學研究 =Literary sociology research of "Mr. Warwick" check Full Text
關永澤 龔剛, 1971- 2016 Master
"華英字典" 民俗用語研究 =A study on the folk-custom words in "A Dictionary of the Chinese Language" check Full Text
施瑞婷 邵朝陽 2016 Master
"華英字典" 制度類詞語研究 / check Full Text
黃小茹 鄧景濱 2015. Master
"金粉世家" 稱謂語研究 = A research on terms of address in Jinfen Shijia check Full Text
王媛媛 邵朝陽 2012 Master
"來襲" 和 "襲來" 探析 =Exploration and analysis of Laixi and Xilai check Full Text
付婧莎 王銘宇 2017 Master
"離騷" "聖" 義研究 =A study of the concept of Sage in Lisao check Full Text
彭晴宜 鄧國光, 1955- 2017 Master
"理性情緒行為治療小組"對低自尊感兒童輔導效果之研究 check Full Text
馮瑞彩 施達明 2004 Master
"聯合國國際貨物銷售合同公約" 於港澳地區的適用問題研究 =Study on the application of "The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods" in Hong Kong and Macao check Full Text
趙英傑 稅兵 2017 Master
"聊齋志異"對莫言短篇小說創作的影響 =Liao Zhai Zhi Yi and Mo Yan's short stories check Full Text
張昂昂 朱壽桐, 1958- 2017 Master

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