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"蔬菜之鄉" 山東壽光蔬菜品質安全監管的現狀和問題研究 check Full Text
李浩民 何秋祥 2017 Master
"數學遊戲" 融入小學數學教學對四年級學生學習方向的成效 check Full Text
何尉 陳勤勤 2017 Master
"說文.女部"漢字的文化內涵 = The cultural connotation of the radical women in Shuowenjiezi check Full Text
王瓊 鄧景濱 2010 Master
"四二一" 家庭結構下的城市養老模式探析 :以成都市為例 check Full Text
陳潔 李桃 2018 Master
"四庫全書" 文獻在澳門的流傳及收藏利用研究 check Full Text
林金霞 鄧駿捷 2010 Master
"搜神記" 中的愛情故事研究 = Study of the romances in Soushen Ji / check Full Text
林穎媚 鄧駿捷 2020. Master
"太極法說"研究 =Research on explaining Taiji principles check Full Text
陳勝飈 鄧駿捷, 1972- 2018 Master
"天問" 和 "山海經" 神帝比論 =Comparison of gods in Tian Wen and Shan Hai Jing check Full Text
陸雯 鄧國光 2017 Master
"文心雕龍. 風骨" 風詩思想研究 :以孔子詩教思想為核心 = A study on Feng poems thought in "Wind" and "Bone" of The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons : with Kong Zi's poetic teaching thought as the core check Full Text
王獻玥 鄧國光, 1955- 2017 Master
"西蜀方言" 的親屬稱謂語研究 =A Study on the Kinship terms in Western Mandarin check Full Text
方雅琴 王銘宇 2018 Master

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