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Economic value added : Hong Kong study
Chu, Teresa Lynn, Murray 2000. Master
Economic valuation of the cultural heritage in Macao
Ma, Ruo Wei, 陳錫僑 2007. Master
Economic stateraft in action : China's policy towards Central and Eastern European countries check Full Text
Li, Zi Sheng Song Weiqing 2016. Master
Economic result analysis of China absorbing foreign direct investment (FDI)
Gu, Na 1999. Master
Economic integration in Greater China : drawing lessons from European Union
Yang, Zi Wei Wang Jianwei 2011. Master
Economic growth and productivity performance of the Pearl River Delta in the post-reform period
Mak, Keng Ieng 關峰 2006. Master
Economic factors in family and domestic violence against women check Full Text
Shi, Wen Hui Kuo, Shih-Ya 2020. Master
Economic effects of income inequality on financial (in)stability and consumption check Full Text
Chang, Xiao Gu, Xin Hua 2017. Doctoral
Economic development and income inequality in Macau check Full Text
Seng, Oi Ian Ho, Wai Hong 2014. Master
Economic and social determinants of life insurance consumption in China check Full Text
Gao, Liang Zheng, Ming Li 2014. Master
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