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Effects of mood induction on reasoning

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Previous research has found contradictory results related to the effects of mood on cognitive functioning. Mood states have been found to be associated with increased creativity, coping skills, adaptive reasoning, and cognitive processing strategies that benefit task performance. However, mood states have also been found to impair cognitive performance by reducing working memory resources and causing more task-irrelevant thoughts resulting in diminished working memory, attention, decision making, and reasoning abilities required by certain executive tasks. The aim of this study was to examine how different mood states following mood induction procedures affect complex reasoning. Ninety-five participants were included in the analyses of the current study. They were randomly assigned to one of the three mood states that were induced by using positive, negative, or neutral video clips obtained from the internet. Reasoning performance was measured by counting errors and completion times of Booklet Category Test performance after the mood induction procedure. Results revealed that only small changes in mood states were induced through the videos. Consequently, reasoning performance did not differ across the three mood conditions. Sex differences in positive mood and cultural differences between Mandarin and Cantonese speakers were evident. Overall, this study has increased our understanding of the limited impact of mild mood states on reasoning using a clinical measure. It provides preliminary data as an initial step in using the BCT clinically in Macao. Because the field of clinical neuropsychology is essentially nonexistent in Macao, this study provides basic information that will be helpful in clinical assessment.

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Chong, Florenca


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Psychology




Emotions and cognition

Emotions -- Psychological aspects

Reasoning (Psychology)


Davis, J. Mark

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