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Laboratory investigation of an automated solution alkalinity measurement method and its application of water samples collected from Macau / check Full Text
Huang, Si Yuan Zhang, Ping 2020. Master
Land finance and housing price in China : evidence from thirty-five cities check Full Text
Ji, Hong Ye Huang, Bi Hong 2012 Master
Land price determinants in Pearl River Delta Region, China check Full Text
Guo, Yun Yuan, Jia 2017 Master
Land supply, urbanization and property prices in China check Full Text
Wang, Jue Chen, Yu 2014 Master
Language and image in green advertising check Full Text
Kuang, Jia Min, Carmen Corbett, John, 1959- 2017 Master
Language and thought :a cross-cultural comparative study in color categorization and color connotations check Full Text
Sun, Man Wai Pang, Kam Yiu 2015 Master
Language attitudes of civil servants in the Special Administrative Region of Macao check Full Text
Hao, Chi Iok Chan, Brian HokShing 2010 Master
Language attitudes of the youth in Puxian region towards Puxian dialect, Mandarin Chinese and English check Full Text
Lin, Yue Bin Moody, Andrew Jackson 2015 Master
Language attitudes toward English in a Macau English-medium secondary school check Full Text
Chan, Wun I, Winnie Moody, Andrew Jackson 2017 Master
Language attitudes towards Guanzhong dialect, Putonghua and English between two different generations of Xi'an local residents check Full Text
Feng, Fang Fang, Zoe Moody, Andrew Jackson 2018 Master

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