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Os desvios nas construcoes de complementacao verbal produzidas por alunos de Macau
Simoes, Maria Marques Farinha 1994. Master
Management of information technology for competitive advantage
Kuan, Chan Hong 1996. Master
Charting a course for the year 2000 and the century of quality, an empirical study of human resources development in the Macau services sector
Rahmani, Adnan C. 1997. Master
Pricing in mobile communications services
Un, Man Wai 2003. Master
Contemporary sociology of knowledge and social research
Liew, Yoo Kiang 1990. Master
Enmity and hegemony in the normative processes of international constitutionalism : the case of the international legal action against terrorism
Cunha, Ricardo Sousa da 2005. Master
Serial killers in the People's Republic of China : the origins underlying the serial killing check Full Text
Hu, Yi Ni 2016. Master
Perspectives of casino staff on anti-money laundering in Macau check Full Text
Wu, Qian Huai 2016. Master
Strategies for the future development of Macao's garment industry
Lei, Chou Sam 2002. Master
O direito penal informatica : o cibercrime na "INTERNET"
Kuok, Un Man 1997. Master
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