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論行政處罰罰款之繼受 = About the inheritance of fine of administrative penalties / check Full Text
侯祥燕 蔣朝陽 2020. Master
論行政授權 =Administrative authorization check Full Text
李妙轉 蔣朝陽 2016 Master
論行政行為與行政訴訟受案範圍的關係 =On the relationship between the administrative act and the scope of accepting cases in administrative litigation check Full Text
李旭源 蔣朝陽 2018 Master
論行政執法裁量正義的實現 :以選擇性執法為視角 = Achievement of discretion justice of administrative enforcement : in perspective of selective enforcement check Full Text
賈軼聞 蔣朝陽 2015 Master
論行政主導的法理基礎 : 以憲法上的行政保留原則為視角 /
葉勇 駱偉建 2015 Doctoral
論嚴歌苓小說 "媽閣是座城" 中的賭徒心理與女性經驗 = On gamblers psychology and female experience in Yan Geling's novel A-Ma / check Full Text
吳東育 龔剛 2015. Master
論楊絳小說的婚戀觀 = A study of the conceptions of love and marriage in Yang Jiang's fictions check Full Text
馮佳航 龔剛 2014 Master
論依托國民教育培養軍事人才 check Full Text
衞宗沛 邱柏生 2004 Master
論醫療事故的法律性質 : 合同及非合同責任 check Full Text
徐秀玲 唐曉晴 2012 Master
論隱私權之刑法保護 check Full Text
陳嘉宜 趙國強 2008 Master

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