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Lost Shoe from Heaven : a comparative study of fairies in Scandinavian and Chinese folktales /
Xie Yan Juan Watt, George 2016 Master
Love or kill : intimate partner mass murder in the 21st-century China check Full Text
Ma, Tian Li, De 2013 Master
Low complexity channel estimation for millimeter-wave massive MIMO communication systems / check Full Text
Wu, Xian Da Ma, Shao Dan 2021. Doctoral
Low complexity template-model-based motion vector detection for CMOS image sensor / check Full Text
Wei, Chuan Qi Law, Man Kay 2020. Master
Low dose interpolated average CT for thoracic PETCT attenuation correction check Full Text
Sun, Tao Wong, Man Chung 2013 Master
Low loss and dynamic reactive power compensation control algorithms for three-phase four-wire hybrid active power filters check Full Text
Choi, Wai Hei Wong, Man Chung 2012 Master
Low loss microstrip dual-mode bandpass filter design with simultaneous size reduction and spurious response suppression check Full Text
Fok, Si Weng Tam, Kam Weng 2005 Master
Low noise heart sound acquisition in wearable system for individual-centered CVD diagnosis check Full Text
Tan, Zhen, Vai, Mang I 2017 Master
Low power and low resolution phase domain ADC design for FSK/PSK demodulation /
Lei Xue Wei Chan, Chi Hang 2019 Master
Low power ECG SAR ADC design and consideration /|cKejin Li. check Full Text
Li, Ke Jin Chan, Chi Hang 2020. Master

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