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中國內地現行漢字形體優化研究 / check Full Text
董月凱 鄧景濱 2015. Doctoral
盛配 "雙瓦當硯室詞" 研究 / check Full Text
雷淑葉 施議對 2015. Doctoral
Wavelet neural networks : the fusion of HC and SC for computerized physiological signal interpretation check Full Text
Li, Bing Nan Dong, Ming Chui 2009 Doctoral
Bayesian real-time system identification using self-calibrating scheme and hierarchical model classes / check Full Text
Dong, Le Yuen, Ka Veng 2021. Doctoral
Regulating street vendors in urban China : soft law enforcement, dirty institution, and adaptations of vendors / check Full Text
Jiang, An Li 徐建華 2020. Doctoral
The impact of family and peer violence on adolescent violence in China / check Full Text
Liang, Min Li, De 2020. Doctoral
"Make of those years a torch for tomorrow" : motherhood in nineteenth-century women's evangelical slave narratives / check Full Text
Gao, Hui Min Shaw, Damian 2020. Doctoral
Cationic amino acid-modified camptothecin prodrugs with typical helix self-assembly for combination cancer therapy / check Full Text
Guo, Zhao Pei 陳美婉 2020. Doctoral
A novel role of RNA processing in epithelial morphogenesis / check Full Text
Zhang, Ruo Tong Zhang, Hong Jie 2020. Doctoral
非法證據非證據? : 論非法證據在民事訴訟中的可採性 / check Full Text
陳怡 唐曉晴 2020. Doctoral

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