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The framework of mobile device intelligent agent system
Ieong, Weng Pan Guo, Zhen Sheng 2006. Master
澳門過渡期後教育財政問題及其改革的方向研究 check Full Text
黎義明 陳忠文 1998. Master
胡德鎏 蘇肖好 2000. Master
蔡曉真 施達明 2004. Master
林詩敏 鄧景濱 2008. Master
Character development in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling
Chan, Mei Lan Kelen Christopher 2004. Master
論顧頡剛的"詩經"研究 = Research on Gu Jiegang's study of "the Book of Songs"
高靜 鄧國光 2005. Master
The Cubist Stein : narrative strategies in the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Wei, Xiu Rong Chiu, Man Yin 2005. Master
Market reactions to stock splits in the Hong Kong stock market
Cheung, Oi Lin Terpstra, Robert Harold 1997. Master
中國近代海關與19世紀80年代中葡修約談判 = A study on the Chinese customs and the 1880s Sino-Portuguese treaty negotiations
Kou, Wei 2000. Master
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