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Optimized swarm search-based feature selection for text mining in sentiment analysis check Full Text
Gao, Hong Fong, Chi Chiu 2016. Master
Organizational commitment of first-line worker in garment industry in China
Qiu, Hua Han Chan, Sow Hup 2006. Master
O tribunal privativo dos Chinas de Macau
Mascarenhas, Joao Mario Eusebio Matos, Teodoro de Master
Os desafios encontrados na legendagem em português, a partir das legendas em inglês, do filme chinês Eu Quero Dançar, com exame das estratégias usadas check Full Text
Feng, Xiao Ze Gago, Dora Nunes 2015. Master
On translation of fantasy coinages from English to Chinese : a case study of The Lord of the Rings
Silva, Francisco Da Li, Jian 2012. Master
On Schatten p-norms of commutators check Full Text
Lei, Chun Yu Cheng, Che Man 2015. Master
Optimization of automotive engine power performance under numerical and nominal data
Ng, Ka Ian Wong, Pak Kin 2008. Master
Outsiders in the city : media representation of Chinese female migrant workers check Full Text
Wang, Shi Yuan Shi, Wei 2013. Master
Ownership structure, board structure and earnings management : evidence from China check Full Text
Luo, Lin Fei Sohn, Charlie Byung Cherl 2016. Master
Optimal operation of soft open points in distribution networks with high penetration of renewable energy sources check Full Text
Hou, Qi Lin 2021. Master
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