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License Plate Recognition algorithms and their application to Macao license plates check Full Text
Ho, Wai Yiu Pun, Chi Man 2010 Master
Legal recognition and implications of electronic bill of lading in international business : international legal developments and the legal status in China check Full Text
Du, Yun Yan Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal 2011 Master
Language attitudes of civil servants in the Special Administrative Region of Macao check Full Text
Hao, Chi Iok Chan, Brian HokShing 2010 Master
Life cycle assessment of solid waste collected from household in Macau check Full Text
Niu, Ru Xuan 王志石 2011 Master
Loan loss provisions and earnings smoothing under IFRS : based on Chinese-funded and non-Chinese funded commercial banks listed in SEHK / check Full Text
Lai, I Man 2020. Master
Laboratory investigation of an automated solution alkalinity measurement method and its application of water samples collected from Macau / check Full Text
Huang, Si Yuan Zhang, Ping 2020. Master
Legal analysis on the genetic privacy protection : a comparative perspective from the United States and the European Union / check Full Text
Zhang, Meng Jia 杜立 2020. Master
LC-MS-MS評價血塞通注射液的質量研究 check Full Text
黎暢明 李紹平 2004 Master
Loan management under the present banking system being reformed in China check Full Text
Zhang, Xin Qiang Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 1997 Master
Laboratory study on the mechanical behavior of tire chip-sand mixtures check Full Text
Yu, Hong Jie Lok, Man Hoi 2006 Master

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