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取消藥品價格管制前後藥品高加價率的現狀及成因分析 : 來自全國16省36928種藥品價格數據的實證研究
張澤俞 卞鷹 2022. Master
Investigating predictive factors of Chinese young people's attitudes towards transsexual men check Full Text
He, Chu Ting Ching, Ho Hong 2022. Master
Exploring the motivational profiles of Macao Chinese LOTE learners : a tale of eight local adults learning Portuguese check Full Text
Li, Qi Yu, Shu Lin 2022. Master
Nucleic acid-based detection of small molecules and biomolecules using time-resolved luminescent spectroscopy with iridium(III) metal complexes
Chen, Feng Leung, Chung-Hang 2022. Doctoral
A polysaccharide cryogel system for spatial control of foreign-body reaction
Chen, Jia Xi 王春明 2022. Master
基於赫希曼的"退出、呼籲、忠誠理論"分析我的教育故事 check Full Text
何金營 周憶粟 2022. Master
The influence of parents' sports cognition, emotion, and behaviour on primary school students' sports attitude and behaviour check Full Text
Ma, Zhuo Wei 何敬恩 2022. Master
Learning English vocabulary from word cards : a research synthesis check Full Text
Lei, Yuan Ying Reynolds, Barry Lee 2022. Master
Comparative study of exosomes from different cell sources maintaining blood-brain barrier integrity by intervening with Caveolin-1 dependent ZO-1 and Claudin-5 transcytosis in early phase ischemic stroke
Li, Yi Yang Zhao, Yonghua 2022. Master
The study of the interactions of Irinotecan and its metabolites with human gut microbiota
Jia, Yi Fei 燕茹 2022. Master
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