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Humorous leadership, leader-member exchange, organizational identification and employee outcomes : an investigation in Macao SAR / check Full Text
Lam, Sok Cheng Kuok, Oi Mei 2020. Master
High performance Gigahertz Nyquist ADC designs / check Full Text
Jiang, Wen Ning Chan, Chi Hang 2020. Doctoral
How does normative commitment contribute to prosocial behavior under ethical leadership? : an investigation in Macao / check Full Text
Lai, Si Weng Loi, Chi Ho 2020. Master
How the world perceives and reacts to China's rise : a multinational study of public image and opinion / check Full Text
Wang, Xiao Jie Wang Jianwei 2020. Doctoral
How does the R&D input and output influence the next year's financial performance of Huawei company? / check Full Text
Li, Chen Xi 2020. Master
Harmonization of the enforcement of international commercial conciliated settlement agreements and enforceability in China / check Full Text
Liang, Jiao Yang Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2020. Master
Host-guest chemistry mediated cellular conjugation for targeted cell-hitchhiking drug delivery / check Full Text
Wei, Jian Wen Wang, Rui Bing 2020. Master
How Chengguan works with weak law enforcement and administrative powers : voices of front-line staff in the Chengguan department in J City, Southern China / check Full Text
Zhao, Hao Min 徐建華 2020. Master
How place attachment affects residents’ perception of impacts and support to tourism development : the case of Macau / check Full Text
Cheng, Nga Man So, Siu Ian 2020. Master
Hand-crafted and deep learning schemes for copy-move forgery detection / check Full Text
Zhong, Jun Liu Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral

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