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Legal analysis of Mozambican's financial services : investment liberalization check Full Text
Nobela, Alcides Malavone Alberto 魏丹 2014. Master
雙邊投資協定中保護傘條款的解釋適用之探折 : 兼論ICSID相關仲裁案例 = Reviewing the interpretation and application of umbrella clause in Bilatreral Investment Treaties : on the ICSID-related arbitration cases
吳思靜 魏丹 2010. Master
Role of foreign investment law in the investment legal system in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area check Full Text
Li, Jing 魏丹 2021. Master
論中國法域下 ICO 的定性及其制度化構建 = The study on the nature of ICO and its systematization under Chinese law check Full Text
盧聖暉 魏丹 2021. Master
Civil liability of transnational corporations for environmental damage in developing countries : a systematic approach check Full Text
Tian, Ze Hua 魏丹 2021. Doctoral
A new resolution to solve the commercial dispute under the Belt and Road : combination of the mediation and arbitration check Full Text
Yu, Yue 魏丹 2021. Master
Retaliation mechanism in the WTO dispute settlement system (DSS) : a developing country member's perspective check Full Text
Deng, Li 魏丹 2015. Master
論全球化市場下互聯網行業反壟斷法發展 : 以歐盟訴谷歌案為視角 = The research on development of antitrust law in the internet area under the global market : from the perspective of the EU v. Google case check Full Text
隋經緯 魏丹 2019. Master
"一帶一路" 和大數據背景下的標準中文立法和翻譯規範的建立 = The legislation in standard Chinese and establishment of translation norms under the background of "The Belt and Road" and big data check Full Text
吳嘉玲 魏丹 2020. Master
共享單車相關法律問題淺析 = Analysis on legal issues related to sharing bicycles check Full Text
張凱 魏丹 2019. Master
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