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Performance based design in tunnel smoke control by two CFD codes check Full Text
Leong, Chan Long Sin, Vai Kuong 2017 Master
Prediction of deformation of diaphragm wall check Full Text
Leong, Hong Sai Subrahmanyam, M. S. 2001 Master
Personality and mobile instant messenger use among Macau citizens check Full Text
Leong, Ka Sin Taormina, Robert J. 2014 Master
Profitable trading strategies in Hong Kong stock market check Full Text
Leong, Luis Miguel Lam, Keith 2003 Master
Prediction of settlement of Macau soils check Full Text
Leong, Man Io Subrahmanyam M.S. 1997 Master
Profane language of juveniles in Macao Youth Correctional Institution check Full Text
Leong, Si Kei Moody, Andrew Jackson 2006 Master
Peripheral interface circuitries analysis for high-speed and -resolution SAR ADC /
Li Cheng Zhu, Yan 2018 Master
Public expenditure and regional inequality in China /
Li Xun Xun Ho, Wai Hong 2016 Master
Plasmonic induced charge and energy transfer in nanostructures /
Li Yi Wen Chen, Rui 2019 Doctoral
Power of transcriptome and proteome to study venom-based peptides :uncover molecular anti-cancer mechanisms in biological systems check Full Text
Li, Bin Kwok, Hang Fai 2017 Doctoral

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