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Numerical methods for pricing options embedded in mortgage check Full Text
Wang, Li Ding, Deng 2014. Master
Numerical methods for some structured tensor equations check Full Text
Xie, Ze Jia Jin, Xiao Qing 2017. Doctoral
Numerical methods with circulant-like preconditioners for ODE systems
宋麗麗 Jin, Xiao Qing 2002. Master
Numerical modeling of consolidation of marine clay under vacuum preloading incorporating prefabricated vertical drains check Full Text
Ho, Sao Man Lok, Man Hoi 2010. Master
Numerical modeling of embankment on soft marine clay stabilized by vertical drains
Sam, Wa Ngai Lok, Man Hoi 2003. Master
Numerical modeling of guided-wave structures using the self-calibrated finite element method check Full Text
Li, Yin Zhu Lei 2018. Doctoral
Numerical ranges and spectrum of product of matrices
Gao, Yuan Cheng, Che Man 2013. Master
Numerical simulation of atrium fire using two CFD tools
Choi, Hong Fei Sin, Vai Kuong 2007. Master
Numerical simulation of foundations on soil with single reinforcement
Tou, Chon Man Lok, Man Hoi 2008. Master
Numerical simulation of the behaviour of an elliptical micro-void in Neo-Hookean material check Full Text
Wong, Ka Hou Lok, Man Hoi 2017. Master
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