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Log mining to support web query expansions check Full Text
Ngok, Man Chan Gong, Zhi Guo 2008 Master
Logistics management in supermarkets check Full Text
Li, Jie Lian, Zhao Tong 2004 Master
Logistics performance evaluation for key provinces along the "Belt and Road" in China /
Wu Pei Pei Shu, Lian Jie 2018 Master
logistics support strategy for fast moving consumer products distribution in China check Full Text
Wu, Philip 2000 Master
Loan loss provisions and earnings smoothing under IFRS : based on Chinese-funded and non-Chinese funded commercial banks listed in SEHK / check Full Text
Lai, I Man 2020. Master
A long-lived G-quadruplex-selective iridium (III) complex for the luminescent detection of lead ions in traditional Chinese medicine /
Zhang Jia Tong Leung, Chung-Hang 2019 Master
Long-lived iridium (III) complexes probes for luminescent detection of protein biomarkers and their activity / check Full Text
Li, Guo Dong Leung, Chung-Hang 2020. Doctoral
Long-term performance of IPOs in China check Full Text
Lin, Shi Hua Tam, Hon Keung 2007 Master
Looking back while moving forward : a retrospective of advertising research articles in Mainland China's academic journals (1994-2008) /
Gu Liang Chang, Wen Yu 2009 Master
Looking up and down the social class ladder :how social class rank shapes trait perceptions and cross-class interaction outcomes check Full Text
Clemente, Jose Antonio Bernardo, Allan B. I. 2017 Doctoral

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