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G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 suppresses ovarian cancer migration and adhesion by modulating angiotensin II receptor-mediated signaling pathways check Full Text
Yu, Shan Lee, Tsz On. 2021. Doctoral
GA-based collaborative filtering for online recommendation
Ho, Yi Fong Fong, Chi Chiu 2007. Master
Gabor and scattering transform for urine sediment texture analysis check Full Text
Li, Chun Li Tang Yuan Yan 2016. Master
Galvanic coupling human body communication channel modeling for Medical Implantable Devices Communication (MIDC) check Full Text
Zhang, Shuang Vai, Mang I 2019. Doctoral
Gambling desire and individual trades in the Chinese market check Full Text
Liu, Yuan Cheng Ren, Jin Juan 2017. Master
Game, god and gastronomy : Macao identities in post-handover narratives and translations (2000-2011) check Full Text
Pan, Han Ting, 張美芳 2015. Doctoral
Gaming characteristics and behavior : an examination of mass table games players in Macau check Full Text
Lo, Kuan I Yuan, Jia 2018. Master
Gaming tax and sustainability of the casino gaming industry in Macau check Full Text
Ip, U Hin Liu, Ming 2018. Master
Ganoderma lucidum-derived triterpenoids inhibit the activation of Treg cells by targeting TNFR2
Chen, Zhong Hao Chen, Xin 2023. Master
Gap-filling under the CISG : fixing of interest rate in contract disputes check Full Text
Wei, Jian Kang Kai Mo Shijian 2017. Master
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