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Could stressors at work enrich family? : a conservation of resources theory perspective check Full Text
Tan, Jia Min Loi, Chi Ho 2020. Doctoral
Country-level factors affecting online release, read and relay in the first-round of selective spiral check Full Text
Ding, He Chen 趙心樹 2021. Master
Coverage hole and cluster detection in WSN with force-directed algorithm and transfer learning check Full Text
Lai, Yue Hui Si, Yain Whar 2021. Master
Covert school bullying among school students in Macao check Full Text
Iong, Sio Hong Liu Jianhong 2012. Master
Coworkers' responses to knowledge sharing : the moderating role of knowledge contributor's job competence check Full Text
Tang, Paul Lai, Yuen Man 2018. Master
Creating an interactive classroom and increasing vocabulary and its use in a class with a low English level check Full Text
Xu, Wei Xin Wallace, Matthew 2022. Master
Creating the myth : fantasy theme analysis of "Yang Sheng" advertorials in WeChat check Full Text
Lin, Pei Yuan 吳玫 2015. Master
Creative use of industrial heritage : a comparative study of Ruhr in Germany and the Yangtze Delta in China check Full Text
Wang, Ji Lu Song Weiqing 2014. Master
Credit certification and monitoring of bank loans check Full Text
Hu, Shao Rou Liu, Ming 2018. Master
Credit limit prediction with DeepFM and ANFIS check Full Text
Yang, Shang Zhi Si, Yain Whar 2021. Master
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