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論澳門自來水供水專營服務批給合同 = A study about the concession contract signed with The Macao Water Supply Company check Full Text
霍嘉明 唐曉晴 2013 Master
論白居易詩歌與居士文化的關係 = The relationship between Bai Ju-yi's poetry and Buddhist culture check Full Text
邵敏智 鄧國光 2005 Master
論白先勇小說的古典性與現代性 = A study of the classicality and modernity of Bai Xianyong's fictions check Full Text
萬月 龔剛 2013 Master
論保稅區的管理和發展 check Full Text
卞祖耀 劉建軍 2003 Master
論本澳民事訴訟法中統一司法見解的制度 =Discussion on the regime of unification of judicial opinions in the Macao civil procedure law check Full Text
鄧志強 邱庭彪 2016 Master
論本澳強制措施對非本澳居民之適用問題 = The issue of adopting Macau criminal mandatory measures upon non-residents /
曾浩然 李哲 2022. Master
論本澳投資及技術居留法律制度 = Discussion on the investors, managerial personnel, technical and professional qualification holders' residency schemeof Macao /
鄧碧瑩 邱庭彪, 教授 2019 Master
論不純正不作為犯 = Non-typical omission offense / check Full Text
黃家豪 趙國強 2020. Master
論不當得利的補充性 check Full Text
蘇建峰 唐曉晴 2013 Doctoral
論不動產經營權質押制度 = The pledge of right to fructus of real estate /
胡源媛 范劍虹, 1958- 2017 Master

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