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論全球化市場下互聯網行業反壟斷法發展 : 以歐盟訴谷歌案為視角 = The research on development of antitrust law in the internet area under the global market : from the perspective of the EU v. Google case /
隋經緯 魏丹 2019 Master
論讓. 多瑪 (Jean Domat) 的民法體系 / check Full Text
王星 唐曉晴 2020. Doctoral
論讓與擔保的法律構造與物權效力 = On the legal structure and the real effect of the alienation guarantee /
郭麗莎 稅兵 2016 Master
論人性化管理在監獄系統的實踐意義 check Full Text
黃薇 蘇長和 2004 Master
論如何填補中國內地父親身份確立制度的空缺 : 以澳門親屬法為依據 = Completion of the system of establishment of fatherhood in Mainland China : based on Macao family law /
邱小冰 蘇建峰, 教授 2019 Master
論商標與商業名稱的保護 : 以中國內地與澳門特別行政區之制度差異為視角 = Legal research on protections of trademarks and business names : from a comparative perspective on Mainland China and Macau SAR legal system / check Full Text
高詠翹 唐曉晴 2020. Master
論商法中的 "企業" / check Full Text
馬哲 唐曉晴 2021. Doctoral
論施蟄存小說中的 "道德" 主題 = A study on the theme of "morality" in Shi Zhecun’s novels / check Full Text
朱澤礽 龔剛 2020. Master
論時尚設計的知識產權保護 =Intellectual property protection for fashion design check Full Text
劉亦菲 稅兵 2016 Master
論實行行為之認定 = On tatausfuhrung check Full Text
陳和健 趙國強 2012 Master

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