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論劉以鬯《酒徒》的性別書寫 = The gender writing of Liu Yichang’s The Drunkard /
陳煒業 譚美玲 2022. Master
論魯迅和陳映真作品中的鄉土敘事 = The local narrative of Lu Xun and Chen Yingzhen's works / check Full Text
崔瑤 龔剛 2020. Master
論陸賈的教育思想 /
尹丹 楊兆貴 2010 Master
論馬禮遜 "華英字典" 首創 "白話文" 例句及 "三維" 釋義 check Full Text
林成 鄧景濱 2012 Master
論馬洛伊. 山多爾 "燭燼" 的人性與命運探尋 = The exploration of human nature and destiny of Embers by Marai Sándor /
王芬 龔剛, 1971- 2019 Master
論馬萬祺詩詞與澳門歷史 = Study on Ma Man Kei poems and Macau history check Full Text
謝瑜 龔剛 2014 Master
論朦朧詩派對當代詩歌的影響 = The impacts of obscure poetry faction on contemporary poetry / check Full Text
周小婷 龔剛 2015. Master
論民事取得時效對澳門境內土地之適用 =A study of the applicability of usucaption to the land within Macao check Full Text
陸惠婷 汪超 2015 Master
論民事訴訟中的資產凍結 :以澳門假扣押及查封的法律制度為中心 = Discussion on asset freeze in civil actions : based on the legal regime of distraint and attachment in Macau check Full Text
鮑衍亨 邱庭彪 2015 Master
論明清時期澳門詩詞中的天主教描寫 =The representations of Catholicism in Macau-themed poetry of the Ming and Qing dynasties check Full Text
曾瑋彤 鄧駿捷 2017 Master

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