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論馬禮遜 "華英字典" 首創 "白話文" 例句及 "三維" 釋義

English Abstract

A Dictionary of the Chinese Language is the world's first English-Chinese English-Chinese bilingual dictionary. It objectively promotes the communication and collision of Chinese and Western culture. It is a valuable historical study of foreign cultures. This dictionary is based on Kangxi dictionary, the compilation of the guiding ideology is colloquial and practical. Interpretation is soul of the dictionary. The interpretation of A Dictionary of the Chinese Language is not only able to fully reflect the ideological characteristics of the lexicography, and to break the traditional model of the Chinese dictionary, increasing many of the modern lexicographic content. It also has important reference value for Chinese dictionary and bilingual dictionary. The dissertation is divided into four chapters. The 1st chapter is introduction, which briefly introduces the general situation of Robert Morrison and the lexicographic background of A Dictionary of the Chinese Language. The 2nd chapter will mainly introduce the outline of A Dictionary of the Chinese Language. such as the structure type terminology. The 3rd and 4th chapters are the main content of my article. Devoted to A Dictionary of the Chinese Language make a landmark change in the historical background. The 3rd chapter will mainly introduce vernacular Exemplification. It is the example of the dictionary, for the interpretation service. Described the collection of the number of sentence, source,Chinese characteristics . It is a Chinese dictionary for the first time that a new element is added. The 4th chapter we will mainly introduce the "Three-dimensional" Interpretation. It consists of semantics, syntax, pragmatics. This is a new perspective in lexicography in China. In brief, based on the Interpretation of A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, it summarizes in the compilation of institutional advancement and the value of the Chinese dictionary and even a bilingual dictionary.

Chinese Abstract

《華英字典》是世界第一部英漢-漢英雙語字典。其在客觀上促進了中西方 文化的交流與碰撞,是研究外來文化的寶貴史料。該字典以《康熙字典》為藍本, 編纂的指導思想是務求口語化與實用性。釋義是字典的核心和靈魂,《華英字典》 的釋義部份不僅能夠充分體現字典編纂的思想特色,並且打破中國辭典的傳統模 式,新增許多具有現代意義的字典編纂內容。《華英字典》對中國的辭書及雙語 辭典的編纂具有重要的參考研究價值。 本論文的正文分為四個部份: 第一章為引言,主要介紹作者馬禮遜的生平、《華英字典》編纂的背景及研 究依據、意義現狀及論文研究的範圍、方法、角度等。 第二章主要介紹《華英字典》釋義的結構、種類、字典用語等概況。 第三、四章為本論文的主體部份,專門論述《華英字典》在當時的歷史背景 下所做出的具有劃時代意義的新變革。 第三章介紹白話文例句。白話文例句是字典中的例證,為釋義服務的。從所 收錄白話文例句的數量、來源、漢語特征等方面進行闡述。它是中國辭典中首次 被加入的新元素。 第四章闡釋釋義的方式即“三維”釋義法。它包括語義、語法、語用三個平 面。這是中國辭典編纂中的一個全新視角。 最後為結語部份,本文力圖通過對《華英字典》的釋義研究,歸納總結出它 在體制編纂上的先進性及對中國字典乃至雙語辭典價值作用。 關鍵詞: 馬禮遜 《華英字典》 釋義 白話文例句 “三維”

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities




Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English

漢語 -- 字典 (英語)

English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese

英語 -- 字典 (漢語)

Chinese language -- Spoken Chinese -- Dictionaries -- English

漢語 -- 口語漢語 -- 字典 (英語)



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