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民國時期澳門火柴業研究 : 以昌明火柴廠為例 check Full Text
袁子軒 林廣志 2020. Master
民事訴訟電子證據比較研究 = A comparative study of electronic evidence system in civil procedure check Full Text
李聰穎 梁靜姮 2020. Master
民事訴訟中電子數據證據相關問題研究 = Research on electronic evidence in civil litigation check Full Text
王蓓 王薇 2020. Master
民事訴訟中基於區塊鏈技術的電子證據效力研究 : 兼論司法區塊鏈的構建 = Research on the effect of electronic evidence based on blockchain technology in civil actions : with additional studies on the construction of judicial blockchain check Full Text
宋志浩 稅兵 2019. Master
民事執行制度改革探究: 以葡萄牙執達員職能為視角 = Exploration of cilvil execution system reform : from the perspective of Portuguese bailiff check Full Text
遲成鑫 王薇 2017. Master
民營建築企業治理模式創新 : 以雲南PZ公司為例 check Full Text
Zhu, Kun Liang Xiao, Zhezhong 2022. Doctoral
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