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Investor education, earnings persistence, and stock price informativeness about future earnings check Full Text
Han, Yao Zhang, Xu 2014. Master
Investment strategy for redevelopment projects under uncertainty : real options approach
Chen, Jia Jin Lai, Neng 2006. Master
Investment screening in the EU : genesis, regulation, and impact check Full Text
Chang, Bo Wen Chaisse, Julien 2019. Master
Investment in Macau
Lei, Sai Kin 1999. Master
Investment disputes in the context of EU-China relationships : Chinese investments in the EU check Full Text
Lai, Dong Hui Chaisse, Julien 2017. Master
Investment climate, foreign investment and protection against expropriation in BRICS check Full Text
Hu, Mao Yu Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2018. Master
Investigations on efficient red emissive carbon dots with visible-light-induced strong oxidation capacity in aqueous media
Zhang, Hui Qi Qu, Song Nan 2023. Doctoral
Investigation the celebrity effect on consumer expectation of a restaurant in Wechat promotion check Full Text
Tam, Weng Kam Fong, Hoc Nang 2021. Master
Investigation on the unsymmetrical probabilistic solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with EPC method
Guo, Xiu Xiu Er, Guo Kang 2013. Doctoral
Investigation on the role of myricanol in regulating the remodeling of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue check Full Text
Shen, Sheng Nan Lin, Li Gen 2019. Doctoral
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