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Impact of victim-offender relationship and gender of defendant on sentencing outcomes : evidence from homicide cases in China
Ye, Li Li Cai, Tian Ji 2023. Master
Impact of venture capitalists on investees' post-IPO financial performance and examination of different impact derived from heterogeneity of capitalists' shareholder nature : evidence from ChiNext-listed enterprises in China check Full Text
Wang, Bai Tao Chu, Kuok Kun 2020. Master
Impact of tourists' shopping experience on consumer satisfaction and loyalty : an empirical study on tourists' consumer behavior in retail industry check Full Text
Ge, Jun Wei Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea 2014. Master
Impact of the translator's attitudes in translating magazine articles : a case study of translations in Reader's Digest 2012
Leong, Kai 張美芳 2014. Master
Impact of the precautionary principle on the management and regulation of gene-edited agricultural products check Full Text
Jiang, Jian 杜立 2018. Master
Impact of preschool language abilities and literacy activities inside school on later reading achievement : evidence from PIRLS with Hong Kong sample
Li, Xiao Min Lin, Sieh Hwa 2010. Master
Impact of perceived mothers' and fathers' parenting practices on adolescents' academic achievement and school misconduct among Taiwan junior high school students check Full Text
Pang, Weng Si 金樹人 2011. Master
Impact of IT on the business process and organizational structure in libraries : a case analysis of the University of Macau Library
Pun, Nga Ian ToraskarKranti 2008. Master
Impact of ISO 9000 quality system implementation in distribution division (CEM)
Cheang, Io Kit Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 2000. Master
Impact of internal marketing on employee job satisfaction, internal service quality and organisational commitment : a case study of local casinos in Macau check Full Text
Fong, Kok Wai Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea 2017. Master
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