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Is sports betting a game of luck or a game of skill? : evidence from China check Full Text
Wong, Mei Kei Yuan, Jia 2019. Master
Is reverse merger an inferior choice for Chinese emerging firms? check Full Text
Xie, Fei Chai, Lai Ping 2014. Master
Is political party participation a spear or shield? : a study of corporate monetary donation of Chinese entrepreneurial firms check Full Text
Zhong, Min Yi Yuan, Lin 2018. Master
Is love colorblind? : a communication study of romantic relationships between westerners and Chinese living in Macau
Li, Qi Qi Sanel, Todd Lyle 2013. Master
Is L1- and L2- speakers' understanding of polysemous words underlain by the same image schemas? : the case of Stand check Full Text
Chim, Hou Kit Pang, Kam Yiu 2016. Master
Is job stress always bad? : a study among Macau construction professionals check Full Text
Chan, Ka Lei Loi, Chi Ho 2020. Master
Is incremental belief of intelligence a certain key to students' motivation? : the moderating effects of self-enhancement and self-criticism check Full Text
U, Nok Man 陳薇文 2015. Master
Is group affiliation helpful to innovation : evidence in China check Full Text
Sio, Cheok Un Tam, Hon Keung 2018. Master
Is economic policy uncertainty priced in the cross-section of Chinese stock returns? check Full Text
Zhang, Zi Han 2020. Master
Is childhood obesity influenced by advertising? : exploring the influences of parental, peer and individual factors by reviewing literature check Full Text
Yu, Fei Chang, Wen Yu 2014. Master
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